Associate of Science (AS), Biblical Studies

Build a strong foundation for Kingdom living from the Word of God with Bible and Theology core and a slate of elective courses that allow some personalization for cross-applying that foundation in a variety of subjects and disciplines. This program is designed to stand alone or to serve as a launch point into one of the bachelor’s degree programs.

Students who complete this degree program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate core skills to engage and interpret the Bible accurately as the foundational source of truth for life and leadership.
  2. Understand the overarching themes of the Bible, its various literary types and the redemptive story it tells.
  3. Acquire a general knowledge and basic understanding of theology based upon the exegesis of biblical texts.
  4. Develop a philosophy and strategy of godly living that will guide him or her for a lifetime.
  5. Acquire knowledge and analytical skills to engage a variety of perspectives and experiences from a biblical worldview.
  6. Exchange information and ideas through writing, speech, and visual and digital media.

All courses are transferrable into the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership programs.

Total Program Hours: 60 Credit Hours

Bible Core (30 Credit Hours)

Arts & Sciences Core (15 Credit Hours)

Free Electives (15 Credit Hours)

Select any five (5) courses from the catalog to broaden, focus, and/or strategically integrate your Biblical Studies skillset. Also consider selecting courses that meet requirements in our Bachelor Degree programs to maintain future flexibility.