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Associate of Science (AS), Christian Leadership: International Crisis Response

Be ready to respond with love, hope, and physical aid, deploying in hard-to-reach areas. The International Crisis Response (A.S.) program is designed to prepare students to be among the first on the ground and touch people at their lowest.

Note: This is a specialized degree concentration was developed in partnership with Chazak Rescue to integrate deeply with their intensive multi-year training and deployment program. That program includes technical training and a range of experiential elements that extend well beyond this academic program. This degree program — and several of its courses (noted below with a *) — are only available to cadets enrolled in Chazak’s program.

Students who complete this degree program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate core skills to engage and interpret the Bible accurately as the foundational source of truth for life and leadership.
  2. Exercise leadership that encourages and facilitates collaborative learning at all levels of the organization.
  3. Apply a solid understanding of crisis dynamics in cross-cultural contexts as a foundation for engaging people with situational relief and missional relationship.
  4. Develop a foundation of technical skills to safely assess and engage a range of crisis situations.
  5. Develop personal leadership, team, and planning skills as a foundation for mission-driven impact in dynamic crisis situations.

All courses are transferrable to the Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership w/ International Crisis Response concentration.

Total Program Hours: 60 Credit Hours

  • Program Check Sheet — AS Christian Leadership w/International Crisis Response Concentration (PDF)

Bible Core (15 Credit Hours)

Arts & Sciences Core (15 Credit Hours)

Ministry Leadership Foundations (12 Credit Hours)

  • LDR130 Leadership 1*
  • LDR230 Leadership 2*
  • MIN130 Building Christian Character*
  • MIN230 Peacemaking & Spiritual Warfare*

Crisis Response Core (18 Credit Hours)

  • ICR110 Crisis Intervention & First Response*
  • ICR120 Basic Survival Skills*
  • ICR130 International Travel & Living or ICR135 Integrated Security*
  • ICR140 Search & Rescue I*
  • ICR150 Emergency Management & Incident Command*
  • ICR210 Disaster & War Zone Safety*