Bachelor of Science (BS), Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies program delivers a strong biblical foundation applied your way. Loaded with Bible and Theology courses and a generous pool of Free Electives, this program is designed to work for you, whether designing a custom path or transferring credit in from another school.

Students who complete this degree program will be able to:

  1. Develop a biblical hermeneutic approach that engages the Scriptures as the authoritative power for life and practice.
  2. Apply exegetical skills to Scripture for a clear understanding of what the text says, what it means, and its implications for life.
  3. Articulate the contextual message of the whole of Scripture and the relation of each part to the whole.
  4. Communicate Scriptures formally or informally through preaching, teaching, discussion, or in writing, with a view to helping others hear, consider, and respond to its teachings and their implications.
  5. Acquire knowledge and analytical skills to engage a variety of perspectives and experiences from a biblical worldview.
  6. Assess and weigh moral and cultural beliefs and practices and their applications to ethical dilemmas.
  7. Systematically question and analyze problems, issues and beliefs.
  8. Venture beyond established patterns of thought in imaginative and creative ways.
  9. Exchange information and ideas through writing, speech, and visual and digital media.

Total Program Hours: 120 Credit Hours

Bible & Theology Core (30 Credit Hours)

Arts & Sciences Core (40 Credit Hours)

Free Electives (51 Credit Hours)

Select remaining courses from the catalog to broaden, focus, and/or strategically integrate your Biblical Studies skillset. This flexibility also offers the opportunity to transfer focused (or broad) credits from other institutions while achieving the designed degree outcomes.