Bachelor of Science (BS), Christian Leadership

The purpose of ACU’s BS Christian Leadership program is to develop the core character and capacity to lead an organization that is anchored to its mission, that mobilizes an effective organizational team and equips them to accomplish the mission for which the organization exists within an organizational infrastructure that is well-tuned to accomplish that mission.

The BS Christian Leadership program offers the opportunity to select a specialized concentration in Camp MinistryIntercultural Ministry, or Youth Ministry.

Students who complete this degree program will be able to:

  1. Develop a biblical hermeneutic approach that engages the Scriptures as the authoritative power for life and practice.
  2. Apply exegetical skills to Scripture for a clear understanding of what the text says, what it means, and its implications for life.
  3. Systematically question and analyze problems, issues and beliefs.
  4. Venture beyond established patterns of thought in imaginative and creative ways.
  5. Exercise leadership that encourages and facilitates collaborative learning at all levels of the organization.
  6. Apply a solid understanding of organizations that creates and maintains a productive community of growth-oriented learners.
  7. Develop comprehensive strategies using skills in evaluation, adaptation, and integration of new and existing strategies for the efficient and effective pursuit of organizational goals.
  8. Recruit, develop, and mobilize staff and volunteers as effective teams.

Total Program Hours: 120 Credit Hours

Bible & Theology Core (30 Credit Hours)

Arts & Sciences Core (40 Credit Hours)

Ministry Leadership Foundations (12 Credit Hours)

Professional Ministry Core (18 Credit Hours)

Ministry Concentration (12 Credit Hours)

  • Camp & Recreation Ministry – Select four (4) CAM courses.
  • Intercultural Ministry – Select four (4) courses from MIS and ANT.
  • Youth Ministry – Select four (4) courses from YMN.

Free Electives (8 Credit Hours)

Select remaining courses from the catalog to broaden, focus, and/or strategically integrate your Christian Leadership skillset.