Master of Arts (MA), Biblical Studies

Salt your professional capacity with essential biblical engagement skills. Go wide AND deep with a curated skill-development mix that will immediately grow your biblical capacity and multiply your ministry impact in any context or role.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the MA Biblical Studies program, students will engage and leverage the Word effectively within any professional ministry or lay leadership environment as demonstrated by the following competencies:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of a biblical hermeneutic approach that engages the Scriptures as the authoritative power for life and practice.
  2. Apply foundational exegetical skills to the examination of Scripture resulting in a clear understanding of what the text says, what it means, and its implications for life.
  3. Articulate the contextual message of the whole of Scripture and the relation of each part to the whole.
  4. Interpret a narrative text in context with its historical and cultural settings so as to enable dynamic and legitimate application in diverse cultural settings.
  5. Exegete a prescriptive text in its historical and cultural context in a manner that enables dynamic and legitimate understanding of its implications for today.
  6. Respond to questions and challenges that arise out of constantly changing cultures by applying a broad understanding of the Bible, synthesis of its various teachings, and principles of application.
  7. Communicate Scriptures formally or informally through preaching, teaching, discussion, or in writing, with a view to helping others hear, consider, and respond to its teachings and their implications.

Total Program Hours: 30 Credit Hours

Program Core Courses (18 credits)

The Master of Arts Biblical Studies program is built with a logical sequence of skill development designed to maximize the impact of the whole.

  • BIB500 Interpretive Bible Study.  Lays a foundation for how to approach the Scriptures as they are intended to be approached based on what the Bible says about itself.
  • BIB510 Bible Study Exegetical Skills.  Builds advanced skills for examining a text of Scripture in order to clearly understand its message and apply it as it is intended.
  • BIB520 The Story of the Bible.  Provides an overview of the whole of Scripture so that each part can be understood in the context of the whole.
  • BIB530 Exposition of Narrative Scriptures.  Much of the Bible is made up of stories.  These stories have a point.  It is important to look at each story for its intended purpose so as to experience the power behind it.
  • BIB540 Exposition of Epistles.  Prescriptive Scriptures are those most referenced in building theological conclusions and yet they are the texts most disagreed upon related to their implications.  Interpretive skill for understanding these texts is critical.  
  • THE500 Doing Biblical Theology.  Theologies abound and are developed in a variety of ways.  The ability to bring questions to the Scriptures, then search those Scriptures for perspective without making it say what it does not, is a critical skill of one who would understand and apply the Bible.

Program Electives (12 credits)

The MA Biblical Studies program is designed with a flexible elective block that allows students to select from a range of available Bible and Theology courses that broaden the application of the concentration skills to a variety of ministry and leadership dynamics.  The following is a sampling of suggested courses.