Build a powerful applied toolbox for Gospel-driven development of people and ministries from potential to their eternal Kingdom purpose.

MIN403 Principles of Ministry Strategy

This course is designed to introduce students to practical competencies and skills for the effective development and use of a wide range of programming as tools for accomplishing biblical ministry objectives.

MIN404 Developing Dynamic Teams

Organizations are increasingly realizing the need for a team orientation, yet, despite the rhetoric, there remain significant cultural impediments to team development and maintenance. This course leads students in an application of group and team theory for recruiting, developing, mobilizing, and mending teams of employees and volunteers for maximum effectiveness.

MIN405 Governance & Admin of Nonprofit Organizations

This course will examine structural models for governance of nonprofit organizations. It will also introduce students to principles and practices employed by boards and administrations for the management of such agencies. Key topics will include board structure, finance, publicity, program planning, strategic planning, and consultants.

MIN408 Organizational Communication

This course is designed to develop understanding and skills in managing organizational behavior through the use of effective communicative processes. It will provide students with a solid grounding in foundational theories and strategies of organizational communication relevant to their experiences, real-life settings, and potential situations.

MIN409 Foundations of Technology in Ministry

This course examines the function and use of the tools of technology in the varied ministries of the church. It asks critical questions about technology and its use. In the context of addressing issues such as virtual community, media arts and worship, internet-based ministry, Christian education and youth ministry, and spirituality online, it seeks to equip students with discernment in this area of ministry.