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ANT410 Introductory Cultural Anthropology

This course will provide students a working foundation toward understanding global cultures, languages, worldviews and belief systems. Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting these dynamics with an eye toward productive and proactive engagement with people of and in different cultures.

Bachelor of Science (BS), Christian Leadership

The purpose of ACU’s BS Christian Leadership program is to develop the core character and capacity to lead an organization that is...

Bachelor of Science (BS), Christian Leadership: International Crisis Response

Be ready to respond with love, hope, and physical aid, deploying in hard-to-reach areas. The International Crisis Response (B.S.) program...

GLS210 Survey of Global Issues

A study of global issues and challenges such as crime, pollution, war, poverty, drug addiction and racial tensions, with a focus on researching the historical roots and modern implications of an issue.

MIS311 Intercultural Ministry Philosophy

This course is designed to help students to establish a Biblical foundational philosophy for ministering in intercultural environments and to introduce students to basic skills and competencies necessary for effective ministry in any culture. Emphasis will be placed on understanding non-negotiable Biblical principles, exploration of characteristics unique to intercultural and cross-cultural communities, and applying ministry principles to the specific needs of individuals across the globe.