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GLS210 Survey of Global Issues

A study of global issues and challenges such as crime, pollution, war, poverty, drug addiction and racial tensions, with a focus on researching the historical roots and modern implications of an issue.

MIS311 Intercultural Ministry Philosophy

This course is designed to help students to establish a Biblical foundational philosophy for ministering in intercultural environments and to introduce students to basic skills and competencies necessary for effective ministry in any culture. Emphasis will be placed on understanding non-negotiable Biblical principles, exploration of characteristics unique to intercultural and cross-cultural communities, and applying ministry principles to the specific needs of individuals across the globe.

MIS321 Intercultural Communication

This course is designed to develop the student's understanding of what culture is and how communication occurs within it, and to increase sensitivity to and understanding of intercultural differences and similarities. This awareness will lead to more effective communication by helping the student build an effective approach to communicating in intercultural settings, including those where language barriers may exist. A focus will be placed on the many elements and processes involved in the sending and receiving of messages within intercultural contexts.

MIS411 Intercultural Evangelism

This course is designed to help students develop an effective practical approach to bringing the unchanging Gospel to culturally diverse settings in today's world. Core Gospel concepts will be reviewed along with an evaluation of methods of engagement, challenges of communication, indigenous worldviews, and cultural patterns. Identification of practical local needs will be explored to determine the logical starting point when communicating the Gospel within a target culture.

URB315 Dynamics of Urban Culture

This course is designed to help students understand and engage the cultural dynamics of urban ministry in America and worldwide in a way that helps to position them and their urban ministry organizations as servants to the local church and urban world unit.