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Associate of Science (AS), Biblical Studies

Build a strong foundation for Kingdom living from the Word of God with Bible and Theology core and a slate...

Bachelor of Science (BS), Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies program delivers a strong biblical foundation applied your way. Loaded with Bible and Theology courses...

BIB112 New Testament Survey

This course is a chronological survey of New Testament people, places, and events. It highlights the basic message of the New Testament books, their contribution to God's redemptive storyline, and their significance for Christian thought and practice, based on the life and teaching of Christ, the apostles, and the early development of the churches.

BIB212 New Testament Directed Study

This course is designed to be an independent study of selected books of the New Testament. The primary focus will be on the history, theology, and interpretive challenges of selected books, specifically in relation to God's redemptive story line.

BIB310 Matthew

The book of Matthew provides an intimate interaction with key teachings and actions of Jesus. The focus of the narrative is on Jesus as the Son of God, the promised Messiah, and on his interaction with the culture, customs, and creeds of the Jewish people of his day. Through this course students will develop and use solid skills for absorbing, interpreting, and applying the text, expecting to interact with the voice of God in a manner that will change their perspectives and transform their lives.