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Financial Information

Anchor Christian University is committed to providing exceptional education that launches Kingdom leaders into their calling without a heavy debt load. From a strategic approach to tuition and scholarship programs to creative funding options, ACU is laser focused on helping students invest wisely in an education that returns both missional and financial value.

The Bible has a lot to say about debt. We encourage students to come to their own conclusions on when it is and is not appropriate. Practically, personal debt is one of the biggest drains on ministry effectiveness because of how it affects marriages, mobilization, and long-term missional multiplication. Our commitment is to put you in a position to be ministry-ready for the real world. Being debt free at launch is a big part of that.

The following is key information to help students fund their education strategically:

Tuition Schedule

Current tuition rates are published online at AnchorU.com/tuition-financial-aid.

Financial Responsibility

Anchor Christian University takes financial responsibility seriously. Honoring God with our financial stewardship is a core value of the institution. Financial integrity is a fundamental biblical principle for all Christians. The following policies are designed to both support that core value and build the skill of responsible financial stewardship for students in partnership with ACU.

Payment Policy

Most universities require you to pay up front, before the semester begins. We know ACU students are involved in ministry roles with (often) limited cash flow. So we make tuition due at the end of each term to give you the flexibility to be strategic.

Student tuition bills will be sent via email to students at the beginning of each 8-week course session or semester, once they are officially enrolled and courses are opened. The due date will be set at the end of the 8-week session or semester and marked on the tuition bill.

Students may not be enrolled for following sessions or semesters until prior session or semester bills are paid in full, unless an exception or arrangement is made with the Business Office. In cases where a third party (frontline ministry partner, employer, parent, etc…) has made arrangements to pay a student’s tuition, the student is still personally responsible for any balances outstanding.

Financial Aid

At present, ACU does not participate in the Federal Student Aid program (PELL Grants, Stafford Loans). That means we do not process or apply PELL grants or student loans. But for most students, the net cost to complete a degree is still a lot less than alternative options, and manageable without borrowing. We do have limited scholarships available.

Refund Policy

No refunds on any fees or charges will be given to students who are dismissed or who officially withdraw from all or a portion of their classes or programs. The following exceptions will be honored.

  1. If a student has received orders to report for Active Duty in the Military, the student must present a copy of their military orders.
  2. If a student becomes unable to attend school due to a medical condition, the student must present a written medical release from attending classes from his/her doctor.
  3. If a student’s immediate family has an emergency because of major illness, death, or other family loss which would cause undue hardship for the family if the student remained enrolled, that student may be considered for a refund. A written request must be submitted by the student’s parent or guardian and the student explaining the situation and requesting to be excused from further class attendance.

All documentation for refunds must be presented to the ACU Business Office for approval. Approved refunds are based on the date of submission. If approved, a student will receive a grade of W for all withdrawn courses, which will not affect the student’s GPA. However, those courses will be included in the calculation of the student’s completion ratio.

If a student meets one of the above exceptions and gets the approval from ACU, then a refund will be credited to the student’s account in the following manner. During the first week, the student will get a 90% refund of tuition. After the first week, refunds will be prorated according to the academic ratio according to the number of days remaining in the session or semester. Refunds will only be given on tuition. No refunds will be given on any other fees or charges.