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Programs of Study

Anchor Christian University prepares graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to function as educated individuals, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners who communicate Biblical truth and lead from that foundation with competence, capacity, and character. From certificates to degree concentrations to full undergraduate and graduate degree programs, these designs provide a starting point for delivering mission-driven high-impact integrated learning for students serving in frontline ministry across the globe.

Our certificate programs offer students the opportunity to develop biblical ministry skills in laser-focused tracks. Whether you already have a degree in another discipline or are simply transitioning toward an undergraduate program, but want to front-load your learning with biblical ministry foundations and skills, a certificate program may be the best option.

Each Biblical Studies program provides a practical, engaged and immersive educational pursuit for students that enhances their ability to lead and teach from a solid biblical foundation. Its aim is to equip leaders with skills for a lifelong journey in the Word while igniting in them a hunger that anchors them in that pursuit.

ACU's School of Ministry & Leadership programs develop the core character, competency, and capacity to lead an organization that is anchored to its mission, that mobilizes an effective organizational team and equips them to accomplish the mission for which the organization exists within an organizational infrastructure that is well-tuned to accomplish that mission.

Degree Outcomes

Students who complete an undergraduate degree that includes the following course blocks will exemplify the following outcomes: Biblical Studies Objectives...